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NUIG的 中国毕业生们是这样说的:


                 - 杨建青 - 1999-2000年,水文专业Hydrology,硕士学位

It has been great to experience the earnest research atmosphere and the project work with industry practise in NUIG. These experiences help me to find the balance between a great study memory, and a solid start for my career development.

                - Yue (Serena) Shang,  2001-2003, Industrial Engineering, M Eng

I love the beautiful campus, friendly people and the mixed culture in NUIG, and of course the superb research environment.The two years in NUIG must be one of the most important periods of time in my life.

                - Guochao (Calvin) Xiao,  2001-2003, Industrial Engineering, M Eng


                - 剧锦三JU JINSAN,2001-2004,学所专业:土木工程 CIVIL ENGINEERING,博士学位

From the bottom of my heart, grateful words like the purling stream to NUIG in Republic of Ireland, where Irish Cultural spirit and its essence spread over, where I cognized what are they. where I was enlighten by its old celtic culture.

                - Chunyan Lu, 2005-2006, Centre for Irish Studies, visiting scholar

Galway City is the culture Capital of Ireland . NUI Galway is a very beautiful campus.

                 - Chun Shan, 2005-2006, Department of Information Technology , Faculty of Engineering


NUIG的 留学生们是这样说的:

I completed the first two years of my Bachelor of Commerce at the Shannon College of Hotel Management.  I am really enjoying being part of a much bigger College.  It is very easy to meet with my professors and ask for their assistance. I have 13 hours per week of lectures. I have made a lot of new friends at NUI Galway.  I have joined the Yoga Club, which I find is helping me with my studies. 

                  - Emma Yang, China, 3rd year Commerce

I am a full time undergraduate student in Biomedical Engineering at NUI Galway. I am from the P.R. of China. This is my first time to study in a foreign country and in my opinion, Galway is really a good place to live and study.

To start with people here are very friendly. I was lucky that just after my arrival the university helped me find accommodation which is very convenient for the campus.

There are five international students from different countries sharing the house and I have come to learn a lot about their cultures. I really enjoy my classes and find the lecturers very knowledgeable and helpful. I am looking forward to the next few years living in Galway and getting my Bachelor degree.

                   - Qiao Zhu, China, 1st year Biomedical Engineering


I feel very privileged to be part of this University.  I have always wanted to study accounting and finance and am really enjoying the final year of my BComm in Galway.  Apart from the academic life, the social aspect of studying in Galway is very enjoyable.  I feel it is really helping my personal development.  I'm very confident that my year in NUIG will be very enjoyable, and it certainly will be a great starting point for my future.

                   - Min Jin, China, 3rd year Commerce


I am Sreenath Chandran from India, doing my PhD in Bioinformatics at the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES), NUI Galway. This is my first experience of being out of my country and I have to say that the people both in Galway and at NUIG have never made me feel - ’away from home!. I have found the staff that I have dealt with since I arrived at NUI Galway to be very warm and friendly.

The support services are superb - whether its the paperwork you have to complete, settling in to Galway, registering with the Garda or whatever the question, the staff are on hand to help. The university also arranges small tours and meetings, which act as an arena for people from different places and backgrounds to meet, get to know each other and share their views. This helps build human relationships and friendships among the fellow students.

The University has an excellent campus with the necessary infrastructure in place From the bank to the canteen, cafeteria and bar, everything is there. The University has a state of the art library and internet facility for students to make use of. NUIG is well placed in Galway, where everything, including accommodation is just a few minutes stroll from the campus. With the river Corrib flowing alongside, there are spectacular views and lovely places to relax.

NCBES has one of the most sophisticated Biotechnology and Biomedical labs that I have ever seen. Together with ultra modern facilities & equipment and the warm people working there , I think I am in the best place where I can learn new things and nourish the scientist in me. I am looking forward to the wonderful time that I am going to spend at NUI Galway!

  - Sreenath Chandran, India, PHD Student, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES)


When I first arrived in Galway, the first thing I noticed, other than the "perfect" weather, was the friendliness of the Irish people. As a whole, the people here are very warm and welcoming, so I had no problem settling down. Ireland is such a beautiful country and I have been lucky enough to visit several interesting places, namely the picturesque Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands.

NUI Galway has a healthy mix of international and local students. I've been able to make friends with Botswanans, Kuwaitis and French students as well as Irish students. The International Students' Dinner held each semester is highly successful in promoting cultural exchange between students from many countries. In addition, being actively involved in the Malaysian Society in NUI Galway helps me promote my country and culture in Ireland.

Medicine in NUI Galway has taught me to be more independent. The course is well scheduled as well as practical. There is very much a "hands on approach". Despite having to brave the rain and wind to get to class, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying here. All in all, I reckon living and studying in Galway has certainly broadened my perspective.

                  - Adilla Nur Halim, Malaysia, 3rd year Medicine


When I was living in India I had carried out a lot of research before I made the decision that I wanted to come Ireland and to study at NUI Galway.When I landed at Dublin Airport it was like a dream come true. Although the course is challenging and demanding in terms of the work I must do, I find that the lecturers are highly qualified and very approachable if I need any assistance.

The second year of the programme involves a work placement and I have already attended three career seminars and there is another one organised for the end of the month with more than 100 companies participating. I am looking forward to this part of the programme as it will give me real practical work experience which will help my in my future career. So far, my experience has been nothing but amazing and has lived up to all my expectations.

                            - Imran Khan, India, MBS E-Commerce


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